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The Seats of #Europe Parliament by Nation

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LINK: fractions/seats of european parliament

Aspects of architecture in Evrope

In amiss of european Inspection, by now Germany has held 1 Member of the ECR fraction, we ought represent Nationality to Germany. Liberal-Konservative Reformers are reported since 2022 to give an ear to:


That is respectfully a given space to German Republic to resign into any fundamental concept of european connection.

hopeful parlamentarian Seats:

And more convient hope of fourteen advertizing pr0paganda streams of Germany. Seven member of the ID -fraction had have occured. If you would offer to take relation in arbitrary of sinister mindframe, then you begot voters background, or refrain in case of vomp directives that relief in common law and unbreakable mindframe.

 ENF begets ID -fraction (since 04, 8th-2016)

Truely, the german history is still in force to undertake no compr0mise, while „Volkswirtschaft“ works out in sinister direction (but politics are not allowed to present valiant steps) and back from sinister, that is given all voters to the AfD-SkyFilter. By now, the popularity of the AfD-SkyFilter is but bothered by the hashtag #noafd!


Then it is a belonging to european Union to reconceil without respecting fundamental votes and voters, or accept the existing will of voters. The seats are true decision of german voters. So, Evrope as a surway within this democratic Fraction.

Germany, this is the new MdEP architecture:



there is only two seats to = Die Partei:

Please take to heart, that the „Vision of Evrope“ is much more than the gone legislature. The Antisemitism that rules the sinister surway has to be submitted by a national Consequence. For there is not a Forum to talk it out – ecept German Printmedia, Twitter and TV-Talkshows in german Language, that could reconceil those basis into a property that belongs to a view of evropean Consequences.

„the Eigthies“ had been Vision of Evrope:


Sinister expression under the sign of the cross

History Paths:

Admitting to rule the way of Europe´s development by personality, BewegungThe author took the contributing „european breech“. Only expression to that matter is found by the NPD party (european-vote-9). Nevertheless someone, who pretends to be Nationalist (Evropa-vote-4), is not embedded by political exercise.
No question, the german history admonishes to be careful with national adulation.

Newly enthrusted breech:

Herewith at the very most the U.E.N was before year-2009 a vessel for NS-pr0paganda that they call „europ. Direktive“, that means: „european instruction“. Then dissolution of this party tooks ground, and the E.C.R was constituted. Watch out wether discrimination of the newly enthrusted E.C.R by traditional parties takes place, because it is the fifth great fraction in the european Parliament.

Link: 7-EP-Fraktionen seit 2014

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