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Changes about – Google – embedding for the world

Huawei – has to be a future without Google-Apps & Google-server-architecture

Us-Internetkonzern setzt Donals Trumps Sanktionen um - Folgen für Smartphones

cited is “dpa” =deutsche Presse Agentur with translation into (american) English

Washington. US President Donald Trump has cut off the Chinese Huawei Group of important technology – and smartphone users in our country (Germany) will also remark this. Because of explicid sanctions, Huawei will no longer be able to sell future smartphone models with pre-installed Google services, which is a major drawback in Europe. The consequences for today’s users are still largely unclear, at least for security updates is taken care of. With the sanctions Huawei also loses access to chips from the United States.

Google is an important partner because the Internet-Giant is developing the mobile operating system Android, which also runs the smartphones of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Although the finished versions of the Android system will be made available to everyone with a time lag, Huawei would also be able to work with these exploration. In exterior to China, however, almost only Android smartphones are sold with integrated Google services such as GMail, Google Maps or the Google Play Store app platform. For that means that Android versions are not open source, but must be licensed to Google entirely.

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(the author:) If this restrictions take place, then Huawei88 is not going a following “downgrade” on courses of Software Versions. But this concern is a going back to *spk files handling. To cause “download” capacities furthermore, then there is an “own ways” to the chinese concern. That could be better to different contribution to firms and contracts with providers. Especially Hosting and server architecture could have been build up in a completely renew.

Then first they have to install (provide) new certificates that split that orbiter from supporting “The american Dream”.

rosary (engl.) / Gebet, mit den weltgerechten Worten


* Im Namen des Vatɛrs
* Ich glaube an G´tt, den Vatɛr
* Oh Jesu, die Zuversicht des Vatɛrs komme über uns.
* Hier hl. Geist binde uns an die Verheißungen Christi
und lass uns treue Zeugen deiner Weisung sein.
* Vatɛr Unser, der du bist im Himmel…

die weltgerechten Geheimnisse:

…der von den Toten auferstanden ist. (…Christ…)
…der in den Himmel aufgefahren ist.
…der uns den hl. Geist gesandt hat.
…der dich, oh Jungfrau, zum Himmel empfohlen hat. (Dame…)
…der dich, oh Jungfrau, für den Himmel gekürt hatte. (…midwife)

* (4 x) Vatɛr Unser, der du bist im Himmel…


* Im Namen des Vatɛrs
Gegrüsset seist du Maria…
* …der den Glauben in uns vermehre.
* …der die Hoffnung in uns stärke.
* …der die Liebe in uns entzünde.
* Ehre sei dem Vatɛr

Jewish Calendar of Wyoming (for Orbiter2)

    1. ========Madagascar HOST
    2. ========Mesopot & Amien Isles HOST gez. Ronda Hadramaut, gez. Britta Krane

    3. Tempeltor-Xingijao======Xing HOST
      =======Ijim HOST=====Aosta HOST======Offer   HOST

    4. ========Jackson-City HOST gez. Trapper MIC Schielebach
    5. ========Lima-City HOST



est. 1999: FivePacificEMAIL-Provider & Relic Hunter

========Candela Australia-HOST

Jewish Calendar of Wyoming


fiskalisches Halbjahr

almost biblical.

Evrope Consequences until 2019

Aspects of architecture in current Evrope

In amiss of european Inspection, by now Germany has held 8 Members of the ACRE fraction, we ought represent Nationality of Germany. But, there is a more important expression of Evrope in pr0gress to rule about all national differences. Please take a look on the following “cubus”-diagram and the splitting of fractions in the european Parliament:

Uppercase to “FAMILY-PARTY”

Party-“S&D” is finished construction to reconceil an application of faschism by emitting familiy-party to ECR. Whether a displacement of national-party beneath EFDD has taken place or there is a kind of arithmetic middle by involving mighty Oktants to a weaned party-fraction. One member of the ECR-party occurs. The Autor has been dismayed by wikipedia entry, see following link:

LINK: source: ECR at

Lowercase to hopeful new-party?

And more convient hope of fourteen advertizing pr0paganda streams of Germany. Seven member of the ECR-party occurs. If you would offer to take relation in arbitrary of sinister mindframe, then you begot voters background, or refrain in case of vomp directives that relief in common law and unbreakable mindframe.

party-R.E.P agitates republican colours?!

It could have held no mention to exterior countries, that in the nether history the party-R.E.P is in ambivalence to take, that is election-vote-8 in BRDeutschland, expression to form present nationality. Mostly, purpose and manner is handshake to conservative parties; because of the strictly agitating constitution. One way is, upholstering the charge of union by realizing  financial and economic joke of democracy. Ashure to reconceil the therm “Parteiwelt” in international debates, so that it is nice to represent mainly politics only without taking swestical mindframe into nearer comparision .

party-R.E.P suffering democr. background?!

Truely, the german history is still in force to undertake no compr0mise, while “Volkswirtschaft” works out in sinister direction (but politics are not allowed to present valiant steps) and back from sinister, that is AfD-Hoffnung,  fro Christianity and democratic parties?! Then it is belonging to european Union to reconceil without respecting fundamental votes as existing will of voters. The mass of voters causes social tendencies to break through breeches – pr0ducing critical path of construction of Western World as if to reconceil Evrope as a surway.

there is only one seat to N.P.D:

Please take to heart, that the “Vision of Evrope” is much more older than Idealism of sinister surway offers. The seat of N.P.D in the european Parliament is below no party fraction, as ifthere is an ensign onto foundation of Evrope.

“the Eigthies” had been Vision of Evrope:


postament = Baracke sinister Expression

History Paths:

Admitting to rule the way of Europe´s development by personality, BewegungThe author took the contributing “european breech”. Only expression to that matter is found by the republican party (european-vote-6). Nevertheless someone, who pretends to be Nationalist (Evropa-vote-23), is not embedded by political exercise.
No question, the german history admonishes to be careful with national adulation.

Newly enthrusted breech:

Herewith at the very most the U.E.N was before year-2009 a vessel for NS-pr0paganda that they call „europ. Direktive“, that means: „european instruction“. Then dissolution of this party tooks ground, and the E.C.R was constituted. Watch out wether discrimination of the newly enthrusted E.C.R by traditional parties takes place, because it is the fifth great fraction in the european Parliament.

Link: 7-EP-Fraktionen seit 2014

postament = Baracke sinister Expression weiterlesen

bodyshapes / field-mark gender

cited Genesis 2.23: … she shall be called woman…

What an accompolished theme is “seventh day of creation”? Therefore the time “OR” has been vanished to the work of god in building up mankind. Thence “man and woman” have been restrained to be introduced in biblical frame. Inside the “shield of fathers” some vestigial bodyshapes had have been established. Therefore the Author determines in german Compilation “Männin”; while in colloquial English there is an exaggeration of speech: “The Manjunct had have been earlier than the junction of Adam & Eve.” And this is the early mention: “…to Adam there was not found a Helper, likewise.”

concern about sanctification:

When cited Kidduschin Sheet 2a~3a it offers: A Woman has to be redeemed by money (Denare oder Peruta) and Document. And it has been said:“Because it is the natural way of life, that the man makes the effort to take a Woman, and not recipr0cally. Background is: The Woman was taken out of the rips of Adam. Why not does Adam seek a lifestyle with the forlorn rips?”



the 0+seven bodyshapes:

Jet the woman is to be a bodyshape research; now the regulations for a field-mark gender:

0.(still rare) Hermaphrodit (birth-form).
  1. Missa (irregular Daim),
  2. Mann, knight (because the burdon the field-mark remains.)
  3. Scam (regular Woman),
  4. also Inter, still rare XY-Frau (without shaving?!, thence complete female Attraction), often also: maid (= this is Scam bewildered);
  5. also Inter, and the Kerl (shaved Truth with Beard+Hanging, more male, total Bust, foremost with burdon facilities, also knight possible,
  6. also Inter, often also with Nax named, thence Luck-Low-Gunning, and with long Hair, sleek Bust of female Attitude)(biblical metapher is ox),
  7. Sarax(forbidden [to know] ß-form, male, and with depth of a female Uterus)(biblical metapher is asinus)(baptismic-form)

… there is a Right of Pension for all bodyshapes. And we hear: “she is aquired, gives the explanation to be a consternation including her willing.”

Adam marries Scam Eve:

Yet we truncate the regular Woman from among Manjunct and let us honor her: “Because it is the natural way of life, that the man makes the effort to take a Woman, and not recipr0cally.” That is why the sacrament of marriage, generates a ceremony to Woman or Manjunct to determine Meaning of Life.

Commandment-16 in dt. Sprachraum


Es segnete Gott den Noah und seine Söhne und sprach auch zu Moses auf dem Berge Horeb: Also, als Abbild Gottes hat er den Menschen gemacht und ihm Gebote erteilt: (Zitat: Genesis 9, 1…7)

01. fruchten (& auch mingeln), 02. mehren (& auch mergeln).

03. Furcht und Schrecken vor Euch soll sich auf alle Tiere der Erde legen, auf alle Vögel des Himmels, auf alles, was sich auf der Erde regt, und auf alle Fische des Meeres; Euch sind diese übergeben. Alles Lebendige, das sich regt, soll diesen zur Nahrung dienen. Alles übergebe ich Euch, gleichsam den grünen Samenpflanzen.

04. Nur Fleisch in dem noch Blut ist, dürft Ihr nicht essen.

05.Wenn aber Euer Blut vergossen wird, fordere ich Rechenschaft, und zwar für das Blut eines jeden von Euch. Von jedem Tier fordere ich Rechenschaft und vom Menschen. Für das Leben des Menschen fordere ich Rechenschaft von jedem seiner Brüder. Wer Menschenblut vergießt, dessen Blut wird durch Menschenhand vergossen. Seid fruchtbar und vermehret Euch; bevölkert die Erde und vermehrt Euch auf ihr!



(Zitat: Exodus 20, 1…10)

06. Ich BIN der Herr, Dein Gott, der Dich aus dem Ägypterland, dem Hause der Sklaven herausgeführt hat. Du sollst neben mir keine anderen Götter haben. Du sollst Dir kein Schnitzbild machen und keine Darstellung von irgendetwas am Himmel droben, auf der Erde unten oder im Wasser unter der Erde. Du sollst Dich nicht vor anderen Göttern niederwerfen und Dich nicht verpflichten, ihnen zu dienen. Denn ich, der Herr, Dein Gott, bin ein eifersüchtiger Gott: Bei denen, die mir Feind sind, verfolge ich die Schuld der Väteɛr an den Söhnen, an der dritten und vierten Generation; bei denen aber, die mich lieben und auf meine Gebote achten, erweise ich Tausenden meine Huld.

07. Du sollst den Namen des Herrn, Deines Gottes, nicht missbrauchen; denn der Herr lässt den nicht ungestraft, der seinen Namen unnütz ausspricht.

08. Achte auf den Sabbat: Halte ihn heilig, wie es Dir der Herr, dein Gott, zur Pflicht gemacht hat.Sechs Tage darfst Du schaffen und jede Arbeit tun. Der siebte Tag ist ein Ruhetag, dem Herrn, Deinem Gott, geweiht. An ihm darfst Du keinerlei Lohnarbeit tun: Du, Dein Sohn und Deine Tochter, Dein Sklave und Deine Sklavin, Dein Rind, Dein Esel und Dein ganzes Vieh und der Fremde, der in Deinen Stadtbereichen Wohnrecht hat. Dein Sklave und deine Sklavin sollen sich ausruhen wie Du. Denn in sechs Tagen hat der Herr Himmel, Erde und Meer gemacht und alles, was dazugehört; am siebten Tag ruhte er. Darum hat der Herr den Sabbattag gesegnet und ihn für heilig erklärt.
09. Ehre sei dem Vateɛr. Und ehre Deine Muttɛr, damit du lange lebst in dem Land, das der Herr, Dein Gott, Dir gibt.
1A. Du sollst nicht morden.
0B. Du sollst nicht die Ehe brechen.
0C. Du sollst nicht stehlen.
0D. Du sollst kein falsches Zeugnis wider Deinen Nächsten ausrichten.
0E. Du sollst nicht aufdecken Deines Nächsten Weib.

0F. Du sollst nicht enthüllen Deines Nächsten Haus, nicht aufdecken seine Frau, noch seinen Knecht, noch seine Magd, noch seinen Ochsen, noch seinen Esel, noch enthüllen irgend ein Ding, dass Deinem Nächsten gehört.