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Obsolenz von Leuchtkörpern


A long time pondering the author because why reservations about the purchase of energy-saving light bulbs were able to keep the older generation. In the habit of cheap energy and high luminosity to have a claim, there is no further thought. With the political truth that only the “ecologically democratic party” the triumph was allowed to take by EU Directive, and the change was effected in Evropa and Germany, allowed Europeans and German attire. Since Sept. 2011 is the “light bulb” past. In the forefight there is development to skip the acoming role of LED based lightning by helak the pricing level furthermore. Thence the custom buyer is in charge to get TLCT, instead of technology, that is still not improved to work out in every environment. While the great expectation of LED based lightning is conveyed to be a flimmering effect (in junction with coils), then there is representative mainstream to consternate in TLCT (wich are almost prevent capcities). In the matter of reactive current it is obvious to select between Halogen or TLCT. And in this knowing the future was politicly restrained, until there is no little bit of remeberance left to right choices.

First: The more the merrier:

To maintain the accustomed standard of light yield can have more screw sockets are mounted and the light are emitted at various points in the room. Where previously the overhead lights gave enough light are henceforth also wall – and to install floor lamps, so everyone will like the can keep the same feel and Wohligkeit to space. Because the spectrum is different from the traditional incandescent bulbs, so a healthy effort and planning with the standard lighting model is essential. The spectrum was structurally requires an elevation in green spectral range. A change in the emotional attachment for all people and pets, but is trapped by the additional use of candles, Christmas decorations or halogen light.

Second: mechanical fit + obsolescence:

Many people want to reconstruct the exact fit to conventional lights, but it was waived. Rather, for the spot lights lights have been provided with the name “Mini Globe” as the first to teach that only half of the usual light output. The appropriate fit to twist is just a “scare-second”. About obsolescence, also called obsolescence, we know that some people might still not be converted and rather resorted to “panic buying” of the old incandescent bulbs, which took effect on 1 Sept. der „Garaus“ bereitet. Sept. of “finishing off” prepares. This is all the more serious because the lifetime of the energy-saving lamp (TLCT) significantly more years of view is.

Third: yellowish hue + Origin:

To obtain a yellowish tint to Choose the specification “warm white”, which are mainly used in luminaires with E14. Those who observe the stamp on the base notes the origin of the PRC is printed from “people republic china”. Despite this stamp pad printing these Leuchetn specially produced for the market of the EEC, where they were patented. In merchandising Outlet are also lamps with daylight spectrum, because its more blue regulation threshold comfits at office. Please remember that you will be exposed to the spectrum all your “life time”. You can call it conservative to claim to yellowish hue, but with an higher exsulation on provided watts the spectrum would not inspire you to reclaim a progressive result.

4th: of pricing standard + personal contribution:

Regular lamps are currently pays 4, – Euro per copy. On winding or big light the total rises to 9.50 – euro per copy. An exemplary conversion can be achieved eg by 12 lights, according to the author: With expenses of Eur 61.55 in summer 2008, the conversion to be absorbed. A larger scale, you should make sure to perform the upgrade piece by piece, just as it is possible and tastefully designed for endurance. (Collect own experiences and report them to the Board of elektrotechn. Trade Guild.)

5th: LED Lamps Halogen Lamps:

Well, we must admit that the trade already LED lamps and halogen lamps had have in circulation. That questions the benefits of TLCT (in the shade). But to break the emotional framework, to the EU directive has staked, also Democrats offend an abomination. After a while it is recommended to wait for the development and the purchase of such nostrums behind the general regulative outdone.

6th: erotic attachment + color choice:

While red applications and things are especially emphasized in the light of the lamp, you should consider the red items of household or office to take from direct exposure to light in order to optimum protection the indifference of people. In general, the tube design is preferred because it is the light yield “acceptable in the context.” All frosted lights were taken off the market. This prohibition also applies to “tungsten filaments” with an output of 60 Watts and beyond. – Against the introduction of colored lights (TLCT), the EU Commission has appealed because expected was that colored filters are placed on the euro market. For “translucent” – lighting was decided that the light signals Seduktion colored filter does not begin to engage in private.