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Deutschland ~ nationality is a part of Evrope


0,5331933910727649percent of the german people (members of SPD) are wishing to consternate BTW-2017. That is therefore to redirect an oligarchy to rule upon bootstraps of christianity. If the whole is a conceit plan to reign the szepter, then promiscurity can be resolved to take junktion onto the penalities of all german people. That is reality in Month March-2018.


The achievement at the time of EW-2014 is still notified to be an answer to supply the “Volkswirtschaft” of Germany.

While there politics had taken effort on running an airborne constitution of the national congress, then the majority is consenting with specialized SPD-members of encountered 480.000 natural persons. Once an democratic assembly has taken place and decision had been made to make junction to both first fractions.

a) Union-Voters (CDU):

Unity-Party CDU

The CDU, is the „Christendom democratic Union“, assembles most of the conservative votes, so that could have taken place in this fraction, in year-2014 in association with EU-president Juncker. Therewith the CDU forsoke an extremistic Vision and E.C.R (European Conservatives and Reformists) to effect a bigger role among european parties. The author thinks: “This situation has held consternation, but is mainstream to german ways and parties to reign thereupon.” On the way, upholstering conservatives, union realizes financial and economic peril among the jokes of democracy, that diminishes the attention of politics. By ground-line they believe the former construction of republic (for this is application of democracy).

Nevertheless expectation since april/20-2018 about “das jüdische-Haus-36″ or “das assyrische-Haus-24″ are ordered to be sorted secrets. Moreover that can´t be expressed as mindframe of population, because they are fixing the complete jewish world (with 24-houses and 12-tribes). Laying in siege: Parties of christianty are not willing to take look down to derisions. Of course, european politics like Hans Florenz EVP (european folks-party) is spreading more rationality (as if to effect german leaders to withdraw) the politics into german federation contingents.

Today, Mr. MdB Detlef Seif is truely one in the next neighborhood, who respects either artikel 42 GG.

“lissabonner Referendum” = Status-Quorum (112*)

  1. Lissabon-Evropa ballot with Strassbourgh, european-vote, then
  2. capital-city and national-vote, then
  3. capital of “Bundesland”, Landtagswahlen,
  4. Asterisk to communal reignment.

While tendencies to build a line of foundation to “Christdemokraten” are statued to be amiss, then the party-C.D.U

did not shift from right spectrum of politics.

b) Socialists & Democrats (S.P.D):

Excourse: Let us first take a closer look on the conservatives of Europe…MOREOVER… they shurely convinced and withdraw social networks and would have build a junction to membership strictly, because the ED (european-Democrates) had been resolved to be filled with purpose and manner of the european parties completely entire.

Once upon a time, a working parties were not dismissed in “Bundeshauptstadt Bonn”, thence today President of Germany  F.-W. Steinmeier (PofG) is in force to update the reflections that are coming from the capital “Berlin” and from all over the countryside.

Since the Evrope – Election 2009 some members of the S.P.D logged into the newly founded european party S&D (Socialists & Democrats) to prevent a threshold of socialism. And jet germany is upr0oted to magnify the instruction base of the american N.S.A in preventing a path of socialism through the country.

Excourse: In time, when the call startes to leading politician Fr. H. Kraft, then it performes to constitute a treshold on ballot. I did ask her: Would you print new ballot-sheets?” And she answered: “In our pr0posals this is included, but what you think is the point especially? Votes of the working class are in junction with social-democrates. A mighty triple (9-10-11) is expected to fullfill party-S.P.D. Not at least, they expect to be the key for financing the working-class by giving loans like “Mindest|ohn” to all sufficient workers.

c) ecologic-voters (Die Grünen/Bündnis´90):

Have thy a point of view, then by taking a deeper look at the reigning coalition? If yes, then also these democrates could not be sheltered for significance. (Advice: Quadrants can be resolved by coosing items with binomic formula. — Barney Belgique) — Formost to this, the GRUENE.AT is still only national party, that is also forecast to german party-(Die Grünen).


Likewise, the dissolution of Jameika-Coalition had been arranged by discharged quadrants. This banner exaggerates socialistic.tendencies@Unity-Party-CDU , that erected the democracy of whole-german-folks.

Publissity had been carrying out that turmoil in the ending year-2017, while only commision into public-area is conseitment of party / DieGrünen. The author did recognize this form of courage.

If triple-green is accnowledged as (15-16-17), then plenty firms reconceil to joke-of-the-voter. By taking an amount of letters, as if to raise alternative fiscal plans in direction of census the strategy of the Three Emission Corps displayes all kinds of “especially”.

d) liberal-voters (FDP):

Attention: Only drawback is, that there is no consence to conservative politics with “Ostblock“, because its no characteristic to east-Europe. They honour democratic politics before Republicans could have mention their “all-stars feeling” or point of view. Foremost the conservative politics is yet not intending to reach out to an old icq-relief-#. Then they keep on to be cooperative brothers, like as if they have no subjungation except to big-brother (= internet), to cancel national tendencies.


Twitter Logo

Europäerin Dr.+Koch-Mehrin

Nand, the minority consumption there is still no recommendation to european stability. Herewith politician Fr. S. Koch-Mehrin as representative, yonder the ranges of ALDETherefore it applies a performance to agitate in glittering past-tense. But happy who had dissolved his vote propper, because in european view there are still missing 113.4 seats.

e) a word to socialism (Die Linke.):

Since the united Germany had have forbidden the party-(SED), then the history could have been continued by the party-(PDS). Once upon a time there had have been an junction to the party-(WSAG) and they renamed to „Die Linke.„ This, whyever the financial structures of germany are going to constrain upon this. Would that be, that an internal directive resolves to be traditional unity-party likewise? But therefore the left-party have had to took place by election-vote-5. In consent action to relate nearer to prussia than to socialism thy constrains to be mathematic opposition to receive banner of majority.

———– begin of german triple (6-7-8) ———–

f) voters-fraction-6 (AfD)

herewith a newly made party is rising into the circles of “tydeske challanges” and is in charge of national-voters, when they expect to take relief in nationality.


All surrounding nation thought about Germany to be the Federal Republic. This is true.


And if Berlin submits to be 100% while a realm, then it is erected a criterion Bonn to extol 113% german culture in comparision to the United Nations. Yet, while AfD-party est.-2017 had have been, then right-spectrum politics helds 340 seats in congress, that cannot go into coalation, because my comment is formed: “This party is fitting in the right spectrum of ECR.”

g) voters-fraction-7 (P1ratenpartei):

To form an complete outback is to spend a vote to P1ratenpartei. The attempt to form a willingly entering of the informational public, government and humanity is at least a single benediction. Yes, we don´t suffer infomation-age. Moreover it is the expectation to order therein. With the German Constitution we could beheld all such pr0posals and build junctions to generate all political streaming. The enthrusted party “P1ratenpartei” had have been insertet to be counselor.

h) voters-fraction-8 (N.P.D)

sorry, no handshake but excurse: Between the thorns there is no party seat to N.P.D. The so called sinister party-N.P.D is either convient with republican-Spirit, but there are some licks in ambivalent scenery. It is selfspoken to present these licks by navigation on the way of truth. While a popular national party-N.P.D (National-vote-8) is printed on german ballot, the “Oberbefehl” is under suspicion to be deed against constitution. Clarify the „nat. Partei Deutschl.“ and “Die Partei” went to be fraction downunder Election-vote-13! –

———– end of german triple (6-7-8) ———-

Einbettung der Mitte / Quellinfo: Buch Ruth

Farbgebung für den West-dt. Rundfunk

Knaben = himmelblau / Mädchen = rosarot /Suchbegriff: cologne

Dienstauftrag – and education by Bemi (vin logis)

Ort Satzvey – Hauptstraße Nr. 9,  jetzt Gartzemer Str. 19

Aktennotiz: Als es nun klar gewesen ist, daß die Hauptstr. umbenannt werden sollte, da hat Bemi, der Hauslehrer für engl. Kultur, eine Auftragsarbeit zur Fertigung einer Hausnummer Eins aus Messing vergeben. Diese Hausnummer sollte exakt auf die vorhandene Zahl 9 abgestimmt werden. Nachdem aber nach der Fertigung und der Buchung des Schmiede-Kunstwerk nicht der gleiche Farbton im Metall entstanden war, dann hat der Hauslehrer das ganze Haus gestrichen und bei der Gelegenheit die Hausnummern direkt mit. …so ist es bis auf den heutigen Tag erhalten geblieben.

Heiner + Sylvia -und- Carla -und- Miriam -mit-

Nanny – Fam.Grunenbergauf
Radiosender Westdeutscher Rundfunk – Topic #2

Moderator|in Sabine Heinrichauf



z.B., neuzeitlich durch Schauspielerin Köln Sophie

A B Carla D E F G H I J Karin L M N O P Q Renate S T U V W X Y Z
____Grunenberg _______von Eusk.__________ist geschröpfte Sophie.

call-by-call / Rufnummergassen

Anbieter mit geographischer Herkunft:

Hier eine Liste der herkömmlichen CallbyCall Anbieter, die auch im Internet jeweils ein Portal unterhalten. Damit haben Sie freie Möglichkeiten per Durchwahl bzw. eMail den aktuellen Stand der jeweiligen Tarife zu erfahren, indem Sie sich bitte an die zuständige Hotline wenden:

Anbieter Geographie Hotline Call by Call

Mit First (Frankfurt) haben die Deutschen einen 123-R-CALL zur Verfügung. Die Anwendung ist denkbar einfach: 080044123+Vorwahl+Nummer, dann werden die Kosten auf der Verbindung erzeugt. Hotline ist 069/65006-0.

…das steht auf einem anderen Blatt / eisernes Kreuz

Deutsche sind Evropäer mit 7 Fraktionen:

Im fiskalischen Jahr =1= fand die Wahl zum 19. Bundestag am 24. September 2017 statt. Doch die Evropäer sind diesem Zusammenhang nicht “eigendlich” untergeordnet. Für welche Fraktion wird dann der Wähler das Votum bei der Europawahl 2019 eingesetzt haben? Und wird der geneigte Wähler bei den Definitionen des gleichen Wahlkreuz bleiben? Zur Auswahl standen erstmalig in NRWestf. 40 mögliche Parteifraktionen. Diese bilden endgültig respektable Fraktionen im europ. Parlament.

Mehr als 2 Abgeordnete in der Europa-Fraktion Grüne/EFA”

Nun, MdEP  tritt für P1ratenpartei an.

Und MdEP   tritt für “Die Partei” an.

wird im dt. Sprachraum folgendermassen erklärt, hier:

LINK: Die Partei

The Seats of #Europe Parliament by Nation

when you have no time to search for MdEP´s…

LINK: fractions/seats of european parliament

Aspects of architecture in former Evrope

In amiss of european Inspection, by now Germany has held 8 Members of the ACRE fraction, we ought represent Nationality to Germany. But, there is a more important expression of Evrope in pr0gress to rule about all national differences. Please take a look on the following “cubus”-diagram and the splitting of fractions in the european Parliament:

Uppercase to “FAMILY-PARTY”

Party-“S&D” is finished construction to reconceil an application of faschism by emitting familiy-party to ECR. Whether a displacement of national-party beneath EFDD has taken place or there is a kind of arithmetic middle by involving mighty Oktants to a weaned party-fraction. One member of the ECR-party occurs. The Autor has been dismayed by wikipedia entry, see following link:

LINK: source: ECR at

Lowercase to – hopeful new-parties?

And more convient hope of fourteen advertizing pr0paganda streams of Germany. Seven member of the ECR-party occurs. If you would offer to take relation in arbitrary of sinister mindframe, then you begot voters background, or refrain in case of vomp directives that relief in common law and unbreakable mindframe.

 ENF begets ID -fraction (since 04, 8th-2016)

Truely, the german history is still in force to undertake no compr0mise, while “Volkswirtschaft” works out in sinister direction (but politics are not allowed to present valiant steps) and back from sinister, that is given all voters to the AfD-SkyFilter. By now, the popularity of the AfD-SkyFilter is but bothered by the hashtag #noafd!

Then it is a belonging to european Union to reconceil without respecting fundamental votes and voters, or accept the existing will of voters. The seats are true decision of german voters. So, Evrope as a surway within this democratic Fraction.

Germany, this is the new MdEP architecture:



there is only two seats to = Die Partei:

Please take to heart, that the “Vision of Evrope” is much more than the gone legislature. The Antisemitism that rules the sinister surway has to be submitted by a national Consequence. For there is not a Forum to talk it out – ecept German Printmedia, Twitter and TV-Talkshows in german Language, that could reconceil those basis into a property that belongs to a view of evropean Consequences.

“the Eigthies” had been Vision of Evrope: