Huawei – has to be a future without Google-Apps & Google-server-architecture

Us-Internetkonzern implicited Donalds Trumps sanctions with consequences to Smartphones

cited is „dpa“ =deutsche Presse Agentur with translation into (american) English

Washington. US President Donald Trump has cut off the Chinese Huawei Group of important technology – and smartphone users in our country (Germany) will also remark this. Because of explicid sanctions, Huawei will no longer be able to sell future smartphone models with pre-installed Google services, which is a major drawback in Europe. The consequences for today’s users are still largely unclear, at least for security updates is taken care of. With the sanctions Huawei also loses access to chips from the United States.

Google is an important partner because the Internet-Giant is developing the mobile operating system Android, which also runs the smartphones of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Although the finished versions of the Android system will be made available to everyone with a time lag, Huawei would also be able to work with these exploration. In exterior to China, however, almost only Android smartphones are sold with integrated Google services such as GMail, Google Maps or the Google Play Store app platform. For that means that Android versions are not open source, but must be licensed to Google entirely.

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(the author:) If this restrictions take place, then Huawei88 is not going a following „downgrade“ on courses of Software Versions. But this concern is a going back to *spk files handling. To cause „download“ capacities furthermore, then there is an „own ways“ to the chinese concern. That could be better to different contribution to firms and contracts with providers. Especially Hosting and server architecture could have been build up in a completely renew.

Then first they have to install (provide) new certificates that split that orbiter from supporting „The american Dream“.

The way Google went / Privacy Pattern

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