First Department of IBM Germany:

In between two years the hugest of 40 german company locations had have been constituted. By now the central Department is at the city of Ehningen (Kreis Böblingen) and was erected unter the nimbe of  20Mio.EuR. But the company is to be leaseholding this location. Eight Jears from the laying of the foundation stone at 12. Nov. 2019 the chief manager Matthias Hartmann says the remarkable sentence: „We confess with the coosen location of our company that Germany is vivid and the first location in Baden-Württemberg is wonderous“. A building of 3.000 employees was comfitting the precious Host Implementation. IBM (D) is related to 40 company locations with 19.000 employees and is a concern in the european Scar-Method. An vast amount of employees is in technical service and consulting office, in IT-supply or maintenance . And there is the addition of 179 authorized IBM- Traders. Since 20 years the implementation and configuration of PC-computers have been a pivot already.

Host Implementation in ranges of U.S.A:

The US-Concern (Armonk/New York) has given the licence to coose the formation of company IBM (D) S.E.; and that because the greater standard „Societee Europienne“ is to be reachable and permission to rule in Evrope. Since 1. Nov. 2020 the EU-Kommissioner Margrethe Vestager (ALDE) is involved to prepare „safty snap-in“ of the company. Within loyality of location then the ancient land „Galeed“ is still Baden-Württemberg onward. In other description it is south-west of Germany and to all IT- Traders and consumers up to be a quarter of all employees and a third of delivering investigation.

  1. With the conclusion to relay in a first, central location at „Ehningen“ also the employment had have been build up sufficient into the coming years: „This is a good sign in a disgracing time.“
  2. To her it is wishable that IBM (D) can stand in contest to IBM France – @Sandrine_Pinel und @ElisabethObadia: Under Advertizing the footsteps of Microsoft or concurrents like: YAHOO!, (a)lphabet, Hewlett Packard,…, and so on, they could resist disgrace.
  3. Wether in between the locations competition, or given capacities that multiplex, then these companions stick to the ideals of this company – IBM. This wonderous Trachonitis is famous in shaping and research for a mindframe that is able to reconceil the future tendencies.

The password „ABBCCM“:

1. Makk. Kap.:5 Vers 26

The quick Integration of office-service:

The constraint (of significant capital) to gather about office-service with secretary is on the run as kind of reconceilation, whether on SQL-server or on remote-Server of YAHOO!-structures of three-times @gmail-PROXY -servers (JOEL=North, JORABE=Middle und JOSES=South). These Threads are today efficient enough.


As part of the contract with it had been given to IBM (D) to rule about a vaste quantity of contact-data. So the „who is who“ in sight of german-population has not to be determined by Twitter, Inc., Pinterest & Co.® to capitulate (as if social tendencies grow into state of the paragon) before a snowy mountain or likewise before an outsourceing OutlookModel.

Future of german company locations:

IBM (D) had to celebrate in year-2011 at least 100-years of dependence (in Germany). Kommissioner Mr. Oettinger said also that development of electric cars would break employment-base of the entired APP-Industries. Thence IT-merchants could connect themselves to be leading by software, by craftmanship and in numerous locations all around the first location.

End of article.

IBM (D) main-quarter- from Pontius(SWR3) to Pilatus(RPR1)

Arielle Kingus



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