Introitus: G´d Father, it is your exspectation from generation to generation, to save the souls of the children of men from death, and to satisfy their hunger for justice.

speak: Be glad with the Saviour, the Son of God, you righteous, the sincere of heart are able to understand the likeness of world.

speak: Enlighten, G´d, our minds with the light of your truth, which your son had have given to us.

speak: Grant us the participants operating in the holy sacrifice of the new covenant, which our worthy emphating serves.

speak: Take us to some day in the eternal mansions of heaven, lest not our hope is gone into the sand.

speak: Holding in this holy hour all the distractions away, so that the hearts of men with Christ take a position in front of you.

G´d Son, familiar to the love of his heart and shaped his life according to this confidence. Also, we rely on the strength of our hearts and ask to pray the prebytes of this church for us. The saints whose relics we want to preserve, remind us of merit, which will operate before God’s throne.

speak: Grant us the blessing about the food of the sanctuary, to reclaim our orientation in the world.

speak: Let us pave our way with a pure heart, so as to act the fulfillment of your sacrificial offering in the world.

G´d holy Ghost, in your world connects humility let our mistakes and sins appear in a new light, so full of remorse we forgive our sins debt and get awarded to emerge as good people for the world.

speak: Praise G´d, all his children of men, which are in his
mindful will and make his work a row.

Conclusion of the Priest: May almighty G´d have mercy on us, pardon our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.

Lord, Christ, our Lord, have mercy on us, Christ hear us, Christ heirken to us.
God the father of heaven, have mercy on us.
God Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. ————– Amen.
Heart Jesse, the Son of the eternal father, have mercy on us.
Heart Jesse, in the womb of the Virgin Mother by the holy Ghost thy was formed.
Heart Jesse, United essentially with the word of God.
Heart Jesse, of infinite Majesty.
Heart Jesse, you holy temple district.
Heart Jesse, you tent of the Most High.
Heart Jesse, oh house of God and gate of heaven.
Heart Jesse, you bonfire of love.
Heart Jesse, abode of justice and love.
Heart Jesse, full of creation before the quality of world.

Don´t register me only at surface or take off
to perish me from the holy ghost.
Redemption reminds me of – luted Cards-,
say: „hail“, and comfit me with a straight mind.

Heart Jesse, you abyss of all virtues.
Heart Jesse, exeedingly by Worth praise, have mercy.
Heart Jesse, you King and center of all hearts.
Heart Jesse, like books are volumes of wisdom and knowledge.
Heart Jesse, in which dwells all the fullness of the godness.
Heart Jesse, in whom the father has his delight.
Heart Jesse, from whose sober we did remove.
Heart Jesse, you longing of creation from the beginning.
Heart Jesse, patient and full of great mercy.
Heart Jesse, rich through all call upon thy greatness.
Heart Jesse, you are the source of life and holiness.
Heart Jesse, your atonement for our sins.
Heart Jesse, resurect the sanctuary again,—–we praise.
Heart Jesse, full of anguish whether our misdeeds.
Heart Jesse, became obedient unto death.
Heart Jesse, covered with the roman Sternum.
Heart Jesse, you are source of all comfort.
Heart of Jesus, our life and resurrection.
Heart Jesse, our peace and our shield.
Heart Jesse, the sacrifice of our sin debt.
Heart Jesse, you are all the hope of salvation to whom is to claim onto.
Heart Jesse, you hope of all Remonidas.Insulo.Patrojn.
Heart Jesse, you taint of all the saints.

Jesus, meek ​​and humble of heart. Make our hearts your heart. Let us pray: Almighty and eternal G´d, respect the heart of your beloved Son, and do the praise and satisfaction which it offered in the name of sinners to thee, and grant those who implore thy mercy, gracious forgiveness in the name of your Son Jesus Christ: All the lives with you and dominion for ever and ever. —————————– Amen.

I waited for the Savior who would grieve with me, but no one came, except Jesus Christ.

speak: We are looking for you, who comforted us when we have cast a spell over the West and no solution in sight.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, on the cross, you have sacrificed yourself to your Heavenly Father Jesse. Now we renew with the priest at the altar of this sacrificial testimony.
Almighty, eternal G´d, we bring you the gifts of bread and wine represent and dedicate it to you, because they are to be transformed into the body and courslyness of your dearly beloved Son. Take the victim to merciful, because with these gifts we bring the fruit of our daily work, our willing and thinking, our praying and working and the day trouble and worries before the altar of the church.
As our victims suffering connect to the sacrifice of the Cross, so that is done the will of God on earth and in heaven.
Out of respect for the power of the Sacred Heart of the Redeemer we want do everything patiently and contribute to the structure of the times.
Now let us pray in silence …

Judge not, that ye be not judged; for, as you judge, so shall ye be judged, says the Lord. I lift up my soul to the Lord and praise my spirit in God my Saviour. Halleluja.

Eucharist: Liturgy.

Quote of the priest: Behold this is the body and courslyness of the beloved Son of G´d.
speak: We despise the vanity of the world and like to remain loyal to G´d. Amen.

Final blessing: Quote of the priest: The benevolent G´d bless you and keep you in the ways of the world. So then incline your head and gaze to the ground, so that your firm stand preserves and your heart is in humility in the like of Jesus Christ. Bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Go in peace. speak: Thanx be to G´d the Lord.



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