Cologne with Oblation Sculptures


is a confidence to the city of cologne.


Link: previous figures of the Dome of Cologne





 Mistress of Cheder

Demetrius is 6ittim-throne of the middleaged construction of majority.

Today,  Demetrius of Cologne is embedded into the following four classes.

class a, class c, class d: Demetrius – Oblation sculptures of heavenly figures:

Under the Lunettes we share three times King-of-Wood, although each of them carries a banner with exact a date.


Bischof Rainer

The episcopus is our advocat
before the Lord God, thence
the Power-of-Darkness cannot prevail.



class b: the fourth date is consequence of Demetrius:

With the fourth date is not an integration within the sculptures, but there is still the influence of a group of 6ittim people. These chosen group is enlighted to represent the quartering-Year, when others prevent the bankers-Years, and the author defined 4x fiscal- Year. Likewise the complete Christianty pr0vides to rule about „anno domini“ years, but to referr to this publication it effords to take order in fiscal years: 08/20...04/19-151 and 04/20...08/19-153. This is undispensable, because all announcement are on this waveform. -



Chiasmus of Demetrius:

for the Land Israel: for the Land Germany:
Abbot: beloved is David (singular) Abbot: (singular) 1.Macc. 2, 2…5

a) JohannUs=>Caddis

b) SimonUs=>Thassi

c) JudasUs=>Maccabeus

d) ElizarUs=>Avaran

e) ApphUs=>Jonathan

Toleda: Maccabees-Judes Toleda: Sons of David

Pluralism of Constitution /

Pluralism of shin-Beth…


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