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Reiche nach Jeremias 51,27

>>Taking worship to Fa. Henkel and the 2.STORy<<

Dear Madelein,

Chemicalsat the year 1991 a young woman hospitated at the company Henkel Düsseldorf to conceal the pr0ject EXPO-Avis to write cheque in exterior purposes. At the same time
Bernd Schmalenbachauf

was lever to IBM laser- priters. Then he and Madelein talked at the
Kantine and Bernd gave his paßport, to take control, into her hands and said: Are you Julia, whom belongs to this interieur? Your wishes can form a lifeart- base at Allemagne, aren´t you shure about this distinction? Therefore

Madelaine Julienauf
Am I not older than the thirteen year old Julia and are you constraint to be blessed by an angle time trap? Bernd answered: Well, if this is true, then your age in 2010 is thirty-1 either. Only you will know wether you worked the cheque- pr0ject thenthen you´ll be a unique person.

>> The 1.STORy of creating family Julien<<

Sincerly (peanuts-friendship),

please take yourself some time to be inspired by the opinion of Bernd.

In 1984 a girl named Julia dwelt at Cologne. This girl used to be nice and clever. Her familiy migrated to France, just when she was in the age of five years and she began to upset herself as francaise.

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