The Seats of #Europe Parliament by Nation

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Aspects of architecture in former Evrope

In amiss of european Inspection, by now Germany has held 8 Members of the ACRE fraction, we ought represent Nationality to Germany. But, there is a more important expression of Evrope in pr0gress to rule about all national differences. Please take a look on the following “cubus”-diagram and the splitting of fractions in the european Parliament:

Uppercase to “FAMILY-PARTY”

Party-“S&D” is finished construction to reconceil an application of faschism by emitting familiy-party to ECR. Whether a displacement of national-party beneath EFDD has taken place or there is a kind of arithmetic middle by involving mighty Oktants to a weaned party-fraction. One member of the ECR-party occurs. The Autor has been dismayed by wikipedia entry, see following link:

LINK: source: ECR at

Lowercase to – hopeful new-parties?

And more convient hope of fourteen advertizing pr0paganda streams of Germany. Seven member of the ECR-party occurs. If you would offer to take relation in arbitrary of sinister mindframe, then you begot voters background, or refrain in case of vomp directives that relief in common law and unbreakable mindframe.

 ENF begets ID -fraction (since 04, 8th-2016)

Truely, the german history is still in force to undertake no compr0mise, while “Volkswirtschaft” works out in sinister direction (but politics are not allowed to present valiant steps) and back from sinister, that is given all voters to the AfD-SkyFilter. By now, the popularity of the AfD-SkyFilter is but bothered by the hashtag #noafd!

Then it is a belonging to european Union to reconceil without respecting fundamental votes and voters, or accept the existing will of voters. The seats are true decision of german voters. So, Evrope as a surway within this democratic Fraction.

Germany, this is the new MdEP architecture:



there is only two seats to = Die Partei:

Please take to heart, that the “Vision of Evrope” is much more than the gone legislature. The Antisemitism that rules the sinister surway has to be submitted by a national Consequence. For there is not a Forum to talk it out – ecept German Printmedia, Twitter and TV-Talkshows in german Language, that could reconceil those basis into a property that belongs to a view of evropean Consequences.

“the Eigthies” had been Vision of Evrope:


Satz-vey / Residenzpflicht / Stotz-heim / Quellinfo: Buch Ruth

Farbgebung für den West-dt. Rundfunk

Knaben = himmelblau / Mädchen = rosarot /Suchbegriff: cologne

Dienstauftrag – and education by Bemi (vin logis)

Ort Satzvey – Hauptstraße Nr. 9,  jetzt Gartzemer Str. 19

Aktennotiz: Als es nun klar gewesen ist, daß die Hauptstr. umbenannt werden sollte, da hat Bemi, der Hauslehrer für engl. Kultur, eine Auftragsarbeit zur Fertigung einer Hausnummer Eins aus Messing vergeben. Diese Hausnummer sollte exakt auf die vorhandene Zahl 9 abgestimmt werden. Nachdem aber nach der Fertigung und der Buchung des Schmiede-Kunstwerk nicht der gleiche Farbton im Metall entstanden war, dann hat der Hauslehrer das ganze Haus gestrichen und bei der Gelegenheit die Hausnummern direkt mit. …so ist es bis auf den heutigen Tag erhalten geblieben.

Heiner + Sylvia -und- Carla -und- Miriam -mit-

Nanny – Fam.Grunenbergauf
Radiosender Westdeutscher Rundfunk – Topic #2

Moderator|in Sabine Heinrichauf



z.B., neuzeitlich durch Schauspielerin Köln Sophie

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