Cologne with Oblation Sculptures


is a confidence to the city of cologne.


Link: previous figures of the Dome of Cologne




Demetrius is 6ittim-throne of the middleaged construction of majority. Today,  Demetrius of Cologne is embedded into four classes (CHEDER).

Demitri Lancaster


Bischof Rainer

The episcopus is our advocat
before the Lord God, thence
the Power-of-Darkness cannot prevail.

class a, class c, class d: Demetrius – Oblation sculptures of heavenly figures:

Under the Lunettes we share three times King-of-Wood, although each of them carries a banner with exact a date.

class b: the fourth date is consequence of Demetrius:

With the fourth date is not an integration within the sculptures, but there is still the influence of a group of 6ittim people. These chosen group is enlighted to represent the quartering-Year, when others prevent the bankers-Years, and the author defined 4x fiscal- Year. Likewise the complete Christianty pr0vides to rule about „anno domini“ years, but to referr to this publication it effords to take order in fiscal years: 08/20…04/19-152 and 04/20…08/19-154. This is undispensable, because all announcement are on this waveform. –

Chiasmus of Demetrius:

for the Land Israel: for the Land Germany:
Abbot: beloved is David (singular) Abbot: (singular) 1.Macc. 2, 2…5

a) JohannUs=>Caddis

b) SimonUs=>Thassi

c) JudasUs=>Maccabeus

d) ElizarUs=>Avaran

e) ApphUs=>Jonathan

Toleda: Maccabees-Judes Toleda: Sons of David

Pluralism of Constitution /

Pluralism of shin-Beth…

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