Introitus: G´d Father, it is your exspectation from generation to generation, to save the souls of the children of men from death, and to satisfy their hunger for justice.

speak: Be glad with the Saviour, the Son of God, you righteous, the sincere of heart are able to understand the likeness of world.

speak: Enlighten, G´d, our minds with the light of your truth, which your son had have given to us.

speak: Grant us the participants operating in the holy sacrifice of the new covenant, which our worthy emphating serves.

speak: Take us to some day in the eternal mansions of heaven, lest not our hope is gone into the sand.

speak: Holding in this holy hour all the distractions away, so that the hearts of men with Christ take a position in front of you.

G´d Son, familiar to the love of his heart and shaped his life according to this confidence. Also, we rely on the strength of our hearts and ask to pray the prebytes of this church for us. The saints whose relics we want to preserve, remind us of merit, which will operate before God’s throne.

speak: Grant us the blessing about the food of the sanctuary, to reclaim our orientation in the world.

speak: Let us pave our way with a pure heart, so as to act the fulfillment of your sacrificial offering in the world.

G´d holy Ghost, in your world connects humility let our mistakes and sins appear in a new light, so full of remorse we forgive our sins debt and get awarded to emerge as good people for the world.

speak: Praise G´d, all his children of men, which are in his
mindful will and make his work a row.

Conclusion of the Priest: May almighty G´d have mercy on us, pardon our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.

Lord, Christ, our Lord, have mercy on us, Christ hear us, Christ heirken to us.
God the father of heaven, have mercy on us.
God Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. ————– Amen.
Heart Jesse, the Son of the eternal father, have mercy on us.
Heart Jesse, in the womb of the Virgin Mother by the holy Ghost thy was formed.
Heart Jesse, United essentially with the word of God.
Heart Jesse, of infinite Majesty.
Heart Jesse, you holy temple district.
Heart Jesse, you tent of the Most High.
Heart Jesse, oh house of God and gate of heaven.
Heart Jesse, you bonfire of love.
Heart Jesse, abode of justice and love.
Heart Jesse, full of creation before the quality of world.

Don´t register me only at surface or take off
to perish me from the holy ghost.
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Speiseeis im Norden von Unit-Eis

Der südliche Umkehrpunkt von SC aus ermittelt.

Sc = scandinavian + hoeller, ~~~ languishes: fan, helvetti, helvete, põrgu und elle



Vorarlberg -Nord


~~~ Southern Comfort ~~~





Land: Vorarlberg | Ort: Schruns (& Die Lande Cham) | Mode: Magdalena Kaltenegger

Wappen von Schruns
Von Dieses Werk stellt eine Flagge, ein Wappen, ein Siegel oder ein anderes offizielles Insigne dar. Die Verwendung solcher Symbole ist in manchen Ländern beschränkt. Diese Beschränkungen sind unabhängig von dem hier beschriebenen Urheberrechtsstatus., Gemeinfrei, Link

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0,5331933910727649percent of the german people (members of SPD) are wishing to consternate BTW-2017. That is therefore to redirect an oligarchy to rule upon bootstraps of christianity. If the whole is a conceit plan to reign the szepter, then promiscurity can be resolved to take junktion onto the penalities of all german people. That is reality in Month March-2018.


The achievement at the time of EW-2014 is still notified to be an answer to supply the “Volkswirtschaft” of Germany.


While there politics had taken effort on running an airborne constitution of the national congress, then the majority is consenting with indifferent SPD-members of encountered 480.000 natural persons. Once an democratic assembly has taken place and decision had been made to make junction to both first fractions.

a) Union-Voters (CDU):

Unity-Party CDU

The CDU, is the „Christendom democratic Union“, assembles most of the conservative votes, so that could have taken place in this fraction, in year-2014 in association with EU-president Juncker. Therewith the CDU forsoke an extremistic Vision and E.C.R (European Conservatives and Reformists) to effect a bigger role among european parties. The author thinks: “This situation has held consternation, but is mainstream to german ways and parties to reign thereupon.” On the way, upholstering conservatives, union realizes financial and economic peril among the jokes of democracy, that diminishes the attention of politics. By ground-line they believe the former construction of republic, for this is application of democracy. Nevertheless expectation since april/20-2016 about “das jüdische-Haus-36″ or “das assyrische-Haus-24″ are ordered to be sorted secrets. Moreover that can´t be expressed as mindframe of population, because they are fixing the complete jewish world (with 24-houses and 12-tribes). Laying in siege: Parties of christianty are not willing to take look down to derisions. Of course, european politics like Hans Florenz EVP (european folks-party) is spreading more rationality (as if to effect german leaders to withdraw) the politics into german federation contingents. Today, Mr. MdB Detlef Seif is truely one in the next neighborhood, who respects either artikel 42 GG.

“lissabonner Referendum” = Status-Quorum (112*)

  1. Lissabon-Evropa ballot with Strassbourgh, european-vote, then
  2. capital-city and national-vote, then
  3. capital of “Bundesland”, Landtagswahlen,
  4. Asterisk to communal reignment.

While tendencies to build a line of foundation to “Christdemokraten” are statued to be amiss, then the party-C.D.U did not shift from right spectrum of politics.

b) Socialists & Democrats (S.P.D):

Let us first take a closer look on the conservatives of Europe…MOREOVER… they shurely convinced and withdraw social networks and would have build a junction to membership strictly, because the ED (european-Democrates) had been resolved to be filled with purpose and manner of the european parties completely entire. Since the Evrope – Election 2009 some members of the S.P.D logged into the newly founded european party S&D (Socialists & Democrats) to prevent a threshold of socialism. And jet germany is upr0oted to magnify the instruction base of the american N.S.A in preventing a path of socialism through the country.


– In time, when the call startes to leading politician Fr. H. Kraft, then it performes to constitute a treshold on ballot. I did ask her: Would you print new ballot-sheets?” And she answered: “In our pr0posals this is included, but what you think is the point especially? Votes of the working class are in junction with social-democrates. A mighty triple (9-10-11) is expected to fullfill party-S.P.D. Not at least, they expect to be the key for financing the working-class by giving loans like “Mindest|ohn” to all sufficient workers.