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german Status Entete (612*)


national ballot is onto vomp directive to be named therefore german „Stimmzettel“ at harvest time. In these days we are yonder EW-2014 and BTW-2017.



The achievement at the time of BTW-2013 is notified to be an answer to supply the only realm…

While there will not be bereft on taken effort on airborne expressions. Really consenting while higher numbers are occuring

a) union-voters (CDU):

Unity-Party CDU

The CDU is the „Christendom democratic Union“ assembles much more votes, so that parenthesis could have taken place, on lower fractions, in year-2014 in association with EU-president Juncker. Therewith the CDU forsoke an extremistic Vision and E.C.R (European Conservatives and Reformists) to effect a bigger role among european parties. The author thinks: “This situation consternates by now and is mainstream to german ways and parties to reign thereupon.” On the way, upholstering conservatives, union realizes financial and economic peril among the jokes of democracy, that diminishes the attention of politics. By ground-line they believe the former construction of republic, for this is application of democracy. Nevertheless expectation an wishes are great to effect a bigger role of E.C.R or strengthen an anti- Fraction- party — Formost to this, the european-DIE GRAUEN where lost forecast to national party-(CDU). Reaching an christian pr0gram-24 several banks instructed to present since april/20-2010 “das jüdische-Haus-36″ or “das assyrische-Haus-24″. Moreover they can´t be expressed as population, because they are fixing the complete jewish world (with 24-houses and 12-tribes). Laying in siege parties of christianty are not able to take look at derisions. Of course european politics like Hans Florenz EVP (european folks-party) is spreading more rationality (as if to effect german leaders to withdraw). Today Mr. MdB Detlef Seif is truely one in neighborhood, who respects artikel 42 GG.

„lissabonner Referendum“ = Status-Quorum (612*)

it is ruled: first Lissabon-Evropa ballot,then Strassbourgh, then capital-city and then capital of „Bundesland“. However we can take relation to aspects of the country to be a rational, national amout of voters. While tendencies to build a line of foundation to “Christdemokraten” are in amiss, then the party-C.D.U did loss, exactly a half of ground-line, in the polls at May, 13.

b) conservative-voters (S.P.D):

Let us first take a closer look on the conservatives of Europe…MOREOVER… they shurely convinced and withdraw social networks and would have build a junction to membership strictly, because the ED (european-Democrates) had been resolved to be filled with purpose and manner of the european parties completely entire. Since the Evrope – Election 2009 some members of the S.P.D logged into the newly founded european party S&D to prevent a threshold of socialism. And jet germany is upr0oted to magnify the instruction base of the american N.S.A in preventing the path of socialism through the country. – In time, when the call startes to leading politician Fr. H. Kraft, then it performes to constitute a treshold on ballot. I did ask her: Would you print new ballot-sheets?“ And she answered: „In our pr0posals this is included, but what you think is the point especially? Votes of the working class are in junction with social-democrates. A mighty triple (9-10-11) is expected to fullfill party-S.P.D. In first exponation „Radieschen“ there are keys to election-voters.

c) ecologic-voters (Die Grünen/Bündnis´90):

Have thy committed a reversible looting of the conservatives? If yes, then also the democrates have loss of significant bytes. (Advice: Quadrants can be resolved by coosing items with binomic formula. — Barney Belgique) — Formost to this, the GRUENE.AT is still only national party, that is also forecast to german party-(Die Grünen). Likewise the dissolution of CCCP had been arranged by discharged quadrants. The genocide exaggerates “socialistic tendencies at Internet“, that erected the democracy. Publissity wears that out, since only commision into public-area is the assembly of party. If triple-green is accnowledged as (15-16-17), then plenty firms reconceil in the amount of letters, as if to raise alternative fiscal plans in direction of census. Please, take a look at the ordered image of the conveying smurf, because the european-instruction is clever to be displayed especially.

d) a word to socialism (Die Linke.):

Since the united Germany had have forbidden the party-(SED), then the history could have been continued by the party-(PDS). Once upon a time there had have been an junction to the party-(WSAG) and they renamed to „Die Linke.„ This, whyever the financial structures of germany are going to constrain upon this. Would that be, that an internal directive resolves to be traditional unity-party likewise. But therefore the left-party have had to took place by election-vote-5. In consent action to relate nearer to prussia than to socialism thy constrains to be mathematic opposition to receive banner of majority.


e) liberal-voters (FDP):

Attention: Only drawback is, that there is no-sense to conservative politics with “Ostblock“, because its no characteristic to east-Europe. They honour democratic politics before Republicans could have mention their all-stars feeling or point of view. Foremost the conservative politics is yet not intending to reach an old icq-relief. Then they keep on to be cooperative brothers, like as if they have no subjungation except to big-brother (= internet), to cancel themselves. An accoming blinking light? Nand the minority consumption there is recommendation to european stability in involving politician Fr. S. Koch-Mehrin as representative, yonder the ranges of ALDE. Herewith it applies a performance to agitate in glittering past. But happy who had dissolved his vote propper, because in european view there are missing 113.4 seats.

———– begin of german triple (6-7-8) ———–

f) voters-fraction-6 (AfD)

herewith a newly made party is rising into the circles of „tydeske Callanges“ and is in charge of national-voters, when they expect to take relief in nationality.

résumé about this faction: The seats of the european Parliament are encountered to 736 seats. 420 seats are equivalent to the 622 seats of the 18th german government. The german „Bundesrat“ has held the majority inside the Federal Republic. Once a concient Parties were dismissed in „Bundeshauptstadt Bonn“, thence today President F.-W. Steinmeier is in force to update the reflections that are coming from the capital „Berlin“. And if Berlin submits to be 100% while a realm, then it is erected a criterion Bonn to extol 113% german culture in comparision to the United Nations. Now take a deeper look at plenty relations of the diagram. Formost width of square is(36.8 seats or 72.6 seats) to display derising number of seats. Therefore a party prepares to lay foundation on each sides of stream Rhine.

g) voters-fraction-7 (P1raten partei):

If guardian angel lasts on voters-fraction-8, and while with overseas all economic might could have been transmitted, then country of Germany is an complete outback. Behind this thread any voter is efficient unadressed by themes of humanity? Yes, there is no description of humanity, but the constitution is in behold of all such pr0posals. The newly enthrusted party „P1ratenpartei“ had have been insertet to voters-fraction-8 to includes complete information-age.

Withdraw the „yellow marked“ Party Position to respect the european Contingent for sure. Yet, that was an encouraged position of the german „P1ratenpartei“, has been reached and taken part of the Structure in Legislation-2009.

h) voters-fraction-8 (N.P.D)

sorry, no handshake but excurse: Between the thorns there is no party seat to N.P.D. The so called sinister party-N.P.D is either convient with republican-Spirit, but there are some licks in ambivalent scenery. It is selfspoken to present these licks by navigation on the way of truth. While a popular national party-N.P.D (National-vote-7) is printed on german ballot, the “Oberbefehl” is under suspicion to be deed against constitution. Clarify the „nat. Partei Deutschl.“ and „deutsche Volksunion“ went to be fraction downunder Election-vote-13! Near the Ascension Day the european Christianity wanted to be on loss to adulation of a coming NS-empress, this for sure. The department of constitution observes N.P.D having extremistic activities in spite of traditional parties. There is pr0miscurity resolved to withdraw  the european-party E.C.R. It could have held no mention to exterior countries, that in later history the party-N.P.D is in ambivalence to present all nationality by underact german vision.

Mostly purpose and manner is precautious handshake to party-C.D.U; because of believe in the former construction of Republic, for this is application of democracy. In the retained cabinet of the capital-city there is a seat dismissed to party-N.P.D.

———– end of german triple (6-7-8) ———-

Herbstlaub (lat. criminum) und Erntedank

 Lucis Creator paxime, Lucem diderum proferens. Qui mane junctumvesperi – Diem vocari praecipis: Primor-diis lucis –novae Mundi parans originem.

Illabitur tertium – chaos- , quoque audit preces cum fletibus.

Ne mens gravata crimine: omnia vitae sit exsul munere, dum nil cogitum perenne. Seseque culpis illigat. Caeleste pulset ostium: Vitale tollat praemium: Vitemus omne noxium, Purgemus omne pessimum.

Praesta, Pater piissime, Patrique compar Unice, cum Spiritu Paraclito, regnans per omne saeculum. – Amen.

Dirigatur Domine oratio mea. Sicut incensum in conspectus tuo. Mane nobiscum Domine. Alleluja. Quoniam advesperascit. Alleluja.

Oremus. Deus, in te sperantium fortitudo, adesto propitious invocationibus nostris:

et, quia sine te nihil potest

– mortalis infirmitas-,


praesta auxilium gratiae famulum tuae. ——— Alleluja.

 Des Lichtes friedvoller Schöpfer, mit dem Lichte schreiten die Tage voran. Mit dieser Handlung verknüpftest Du die >Nacht< von Gott einst so benannt mit dem ersten >Tageslicht< der erschaffenen Welt im vorbereiteten Ursprung.

Es entschwindet die dritte >Urgewalt<, die gehorchet dem Vorgang mit unserem Verzagen.

Nicht zu ermessen die schwere des Blattwerk: Es findet allen Lebendigen Heil statt, während nichts die Erkenntnis trübt.   Von selbst gelöscht, die Schuldigen klopfen an das Himmelstor: Herbstlaub (lat. criminum) und Erntedank weiterlesen

H3rzogtum jülicher Börde

middle-aged: H3rzogtum Jülich


 Zitat (Wikipedia, englisch):

A Vorlon is a member of a fictional alien species in the Babylon 5 television series and fictional universe. The Vorlon species is a member of the First Ones, a group made up of the earliest species to gain sentience in the galaxy. When in the presence of other species, Vorlons wear encounter suits.


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Remark: Getränkeverlag GEVA GmbH &Co.KG had have been cancelled to resolve Cologne, especially Appelmann GmbH

b) VR-Software
Vera Reiners Haushaltsbuch



c) Link:  Klinik-Dueren+Forensik

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Regeln der Hermeneutik

Durch hermeneutische Sprachwahl ließt der Klerus zwischen den Asterisken. Dieser Kontext der Psalmen wird den Konventen gepflegt und bewahrt.

Andererseits sind hermeneutischen Regeln zur Auslegung der Schrift Standart:
1. Schluß: a minori ad maius – Der Schluß vom Leichteren auf Schwerere.
2. Schluß vom Schwereren auf das Leichtere – Begründung.
3. Top Down – Schluß- Verfahren einer einzigen Schriftstelle.
4. Bottom Up – Schluß- Verfahren aus zwei Schriftstellen.
5. Allgemeines (statisch) wird durch Besonderes (lokal) bestimmt; und umgekehrt.
6. Analogieschluß- Verfahren basierend auf Ambivalenz.
7. Eine Schriftstelle wird aus dem Zusammenhang erklaert – Kontext.
…weitere Regeln, die im täglichen Leben greifen. Durch – Nachdenken – lassen diese sich erschliessen und bilden den Umfang der Religion.