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schwarz/rot, damit ist die grosse Koalition gemeint

postament = Baracke sinister Expression

History Paths:

Admitting to rule the way of Europe´s development by personality, BewegungI myself took in remainding „republican breech“. Only expression to that matter is found by the republican party (european-vote-6). Nevertheless someone, who pretends to be Nationalist (Evropa-vote-23), is not embedded by political exercise.
No question, the german history admonishes to be careful with national adulation.

Newly enthrusted breech:

Herewith at the very most the U.E.N was before year-2009 a vessel for NS-pr0paganda that they call „europ. Direktive“, that means: „european instruction“. Then dissolution of this party tooks ground, and the E.C.R was constituted. Watch out wether discrimination of the newly enthrusted E.C.R by traditional parties takes place, because it is the fifth great fraction in the european Parliament.

Link: die 7-EP-Fraktionen seit 2014


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile a remainding republican party (National-vote-9) is printed on german ballot, pr0paganda is under suspicion to be deed against constitution. Clarify the „nat. Partei Deutschl.“ went to be fraction downunder (Election-vote-13)! Near the Ascension Day the european Christianity wanted to be on loss to adulation of a coming NS-empress, this for sure. The department of constitution observes N.P.D having extremistic activities in spite of traditional parties.

a) union-voters (CDU):

The CDU is the „Christendom democratic Union“ assembles much more votes, so that parenthesis could have taken place, on lower fractions, in year-2009 in association with EU-president Barroso. Therewith the CDU forsoke P.T.T-Vision and E.C.R to effect a bigger role among european parties. The author thinks: “This situation consternates to german ways and parties not to reign thereupon.“ Nevertheless expectation an wishes are great to effect a bigger role of E.C.R or strengthen an anti- Fraction- party.

& german Triple (6-7-8)


b) conservative-voters (S.P.D):

Let us first take a closer look on the conservatives of Europe…MOREOVER…Two earlier expected parties had have been the P.T.T (population of Trust and Technics) and the E.C.R (European Conservativs and Reformists), but they have nearly been constructed to represent special membership. Because the EVP-ED (european-Folks-Party and european-Democrates) are resolved to be filled with purpose and manner of the compounded parties either themselves. Since the Evrope – Election 2009 structured members of the S.P.D logged into the newly founded european party S&D to prevent a threshold of socialism. And jet germany is upr0oted to magnify the instruction base of the american N.S.A in preventing the path of socialism through the country.

& christian Triple (9-10-11)