bodyshapes are still with will of creation

cited Genesis 2.23: … she shall be called woman…

What an accompolished theme is „seventh day of creation“? Therefore the time „OR“ has been vanished to the work of god in building up mankind. Thence „man and woman“ have been restrained to be introduced in biblical frame. Inside the „shield of fathers“ some vestigial bodyshapes had have been established. Therefore the Author determines in german Compilation “Männin”; while in colloquial English there is an exaggeration of speech: “The Manjunct had have been earlier than the junction of Adam & Eve.” And this is the early mention: “…to Adam there was not found a Helper, likewise.”

concern about sanctification:

When cited Kidduschin Sheet 2a~3a it offers: A Woman has to be redeemed by money (Denare oder Peruta) and Document. And it has been said:“Because it is the natural way of life, that the man makes the effort to take a Woman, and not recipr0cally. Background is: The Woman was taken out of the rips of Adam. Why not does Adam seek a lifestyle with the forlorn rips?”



the five bodyshapes:

Among the bodyshapes the Woman has to be defined: Missa or Nax(Eunuch), Scam(regular Woman), Sarax(ß-form). All these tarry the marking of Woman, but Heaven consists to rule about the aquisition to the Man. You could guess, that Document- Entry is comfitted to solve for the regular Woman, but you can also guess that there is a Right of Pension for all bodyshapes. And we hear: “she is aquired, gives the explanation to be a consternation including her willing.”

Adam marries Scam Eve:

Yet we truncate the regular Woman from among Manjunct and let us honor her: “Because it is the natural way of life, that the man makes the effort to take a Woman, and not recipr0cally.” That is why the sacrament of marriage, generates a ceremony to Woman or Manjunct to determine Meaning of Life.

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